Ijoy Capo 100 Kit Review

Ijoy has been at the forefront of innovation for awhile now. They are always coming up with something new to keep us coming back for more. With the CAPO, Ijoy introduces us to the first single 21700 battery mod. Ijoy promoted that the 21700 battery included with this kit will give you the same battery life as a dual 18650 battery mod would, while offering a compact, pocket friendly design and a powerful 100 watts. This kit also comes with the Captain Mini Sub-ohm tank. There is a lot of hype and excitement surrounding this mod, will it live up to it all?

Spec's & Features:
CAPO 100 Mod
▫️ Max Wattage: 100W
▫️ Size:78.2*52.3*30 mm
▫️ Large Fire Button
▫️ Top battery slot
▫️ 26mm Tanks w/o overhang
▫️ Battery type:
  ▫️ 21700 (included)
  ▫️ 20700, 18650 (w/adapter)
▫️ Temp. Control: NI/TI/SS
▫️ TCR function
▫️ Custom User Mode
▫️ Resistance: 0.05-3.0 ohm
▫️ USB port charging support
▫️ Firmware Upgradeable
Captain Subtank:
▫️ Capacity 3.2 ml/2ml
▫️ Diameter 22.5mm
▫️ Sliding top fill
▫️ Thread-Less Coil Design
▫️ Delrin Widebore Drip Tip
What's in the box?

1x IJOY 21700 Battery
1x CA-M2 Coil 0.3ohm Head
1x CA-M1 Coil 0.5ohm Head
1x Warranty Card
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

The Ijoy Capo Kit consists of the CAPO 100 Box Mod and the Captain Mini Sub-ohm tank. You also get the 21700 battery included with this kit so you have everything you need to get started. 

Ijoy CAPO 100 Mod

The CAPO is a very nicely designed mod. Compact and pocket friendly the CAPO isn't much bigger than the Istick Pico, yet offers 100w of power using a single 21700 battery.  

The top of the mod features the battery slot, you just unscrew and put the battery in positive side down. Next to the battery slot is the spring loaded 510. You can use up to 26mm tanks without any overhang on this mod. On the left side of the mod is a large fire button. I really like the fire button, it's clicky and responsive without being too easy to push.

The front of the mod features a nice sized display and under the display you have your control buttons. Some samples were sent out with the up/down control buttons reversed, but Ijoy has said the issue will be fixed in their retail versions. Under the control buttons you have your mini USB slot for updating and battery charging.  I really like that you can charge this device via USB, even though I usually say you should always use an external charger. As long as you keep an eye on it and don't leave it unattended, you can charge the battery in the mod. 

The Capo features a nice display screen that gives you all the information you could want including battery life, wattage or temperature, the mode you are using, puff timer and counter. 


The menu system is very intuitive and easy to use. 

  • To turn the mod on/off you click the fire button five times. 
  • To get into the menu system you click the fire button 3 times quickly and the menu comes up. From there you just choose what you want and click the fire button again to enter into it's sub-menu.  
  • In Power Mode, you can choose between Normal, Hard or Soft ramp-up or you can choose user and set it however you like it. 
  • In Temperature mode, you can choose between NI, TI, and SS, then there are two Memory modes.
  • TCR lets you choose your custom TCR values that are stored in M1 or M2 under the Temperature mode Menu
  • SET lets you choose the number of seconds your display will stay lit. 
  • Reset Puff, resets your puff counter. 

Battery & Performance:
The CAPO comes with a 21700 battery. You can also use a 20700 battery or an 18650 battery (needs an adapter, not included with my sample but supposed to be in the retail version). I tested the CAPO with both the included 21700 battery and I purchased an Ijoy 20700 battery after noticing some issues using the 21700 battery. I did not test this mod using an 18650 because I didn't have nor could I find an adapter for purchase. Below are my thoughts on using the Capo with the two types of batteries I had on hand. (I'm no expert and don't have the means of doing any fancy testing, I just do a lot of vaping on a lot of different mods.)

When using the 21700 battery above 50w or so the Capo seems to be under powered. 60 watts seems a lot lower on this mod compared to my other mods and you can really tell the difference as you try to go higher. I did some research and found that the battery guru, Mooch, tested these and said they are way over rated and shouldn't be used for vaping above 50w.  So maybe that's why it seems so under powered when you climb above 50w? I don't know, but I do know I had to set the wattage about 10w higher on the CAPO than I normally do to get the same vape. Using the 21700 at 30w - 40 watts seemed fine and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. 

When using the 20700 battery, at 60w it seems like what I'm used to. I get the same vaping experience that I'm used to. I didn't go up to the 100w max, but I did go up to 80w and the 20700 battery handled it well and I didn't notice anything off. 

Overall, despite the 21700 battery performance, I do think the CAPO is a nice mod. There are better 21700 batteries from well known brands that are supposed to be coming out soon so maybe then the CAPO will be able to reach it's full potential. Until then I'll continue to use the 20700 battery for my higher wattage vaping and use the 21700 when I'm using a lower wattage coil build.  I think for low wattage vaping the battery life of the 21700 is pretty good. I got a couple of days use out of it when using my Serpent Mini RTA with a  0.50 ohm build on it, vaping at 30w. 

Ijoy issued a statement here about the different battery types. Saying, "Following is Our Battery suggestion for you: For higher wattage, please choose IJOY 20700. For more battery life, please choose IJOY 21700. When both of your IJOY 21700 and 20700 are charging, please choose 18650." 

Captain Mini Subtank

The Captain Mini has a 22.5mm diameter and holds 3.5ml of eliquid. It features an easy to use top filling system and also has a new thread-less coil head that lets you just slide the coil head into the tank without screwing it in. The Captain mini comes with two coil heads, the CA-M2 0.3ohm (rated 40-80w) and the CA-M1 0.5ohm (rated 30-60w). 

I had problems with this tank from the beginning. I started off with the CA-M2 0.3 ohm coil head and was greatly disappointed. The thread-less coil head just slides up into the tank and then you screw the bottom on and fill the tank. Well, after about 30 minutes my tank was leaking like crazy and I had eliquid running all down the front of my mod. I'm not sure what caused the leaking but I cleaned up the mess, took the tank apart and put it back together again and reinstalled the coil and it didn't leak anymore. After about two and a half tankfuls I started tasting an awful melted rubber like taste. (Imagine what melted rubber smells like, that's what I was tasting) I took the coil out and then took it apart and didn't see anything wrong with the coil or the cotton. The coil still looked new and the cotton wasn't burned or anything. I don't know what caused that flavor but it was nasty. I think I just got a dud for a coil, it happens sometimes. On to the next coil... 

The 0.5 ohm coil head performed better, no leaking and no weird flavors, but I wasn't impressed with this coil either. The flavor was muted and not what I expect for the juice I was using. I tried tank after tank trying to see if the flavor would get better but it didn't. After three tanks I decided to give up and stop wasting my favorite juice.

Based on my personal experience with this tank, I can't recommend it. You may get and love this tank and not have any issues with it, but I can only go by what I experienced using this tank. 

Final Thoughts:
Overall, I do like the Capo 100 mod, despite the issues with the 21700 battery not performing as well as promised. At lower watts you will get good performance and great battery life but you will want to go with the 20700 battery for higher wattage vaping.

I do not like the Captain Mini subtank. I have to say that it's the worse tank I've had in a while and based on my experience I can't recommend it.

The CAPO 100 mod and Captain Mini Subtank can be purchased as a kit or you can purchase each separately from Heaven Gifts.  You can purchase the Capo 100 Kit here, the CAPO 100w Mod only here, and the Captain Mini Subtank here. Be sure to use coupon code ABELLA to save 15% off the purchase price.