Saddlehorse Blues Pre-Built Coils

Today I have some gorgeous handmade artisian coils from Saddlehorse Blues to share with you. Saddlehorse Blues is a family owned business in Canada, owned by Shane and Brandee.  Shane is the coil artisan behind every SaddlehorseBlues creation. Each coil is handcrafted in his workshop. Every new coil is subject to his rigorous testing before it is released to the public and each coil produced is inspected at several stages prior to packaging. Brandee works to ensure that the customer service you receive is as top-notch as the coils that you purchase.

I've said it before, but I really don't know how to write a proper review about coils. They either work or don't. Are either well made or not. I have tried lots of pre-made coils and most of them are acceptable, with some being of better quality than others.  I wouldn't even bother writing a review for crappy coils, I'd just tweet they sucked and be done.  Massed produced pre-made coils are a hit and miss, even with the more popular brands out there. To avoid quality problems, it's sometimes worth it to spend a little more and get longer lasting and better quality coils from a smaller operation.

Saddlehorse Blues pre-made coils are not massed produced. They are handmade by one person and you can tell just by looking at them that they are of excellent quality and craftsmanship. Brandee was kind enough to send me a nice selection of their coils to try out and I have to say that these are the best prebuilt coils I've tried to date.  I didn't find a flaw in any of the coils I received, not a single imperfection, broken or messed up wire in any of the coils.

I'm going to post pictures and give a short description of the coils I was sent. They have even more varieties of coils (with better pictures than mine) on their website so be sure to check them out.  Each coil has a variety of  sizes to chose from and some are available in stainless steel also. Click on the name of the coil to be taken directly to the website where you can see all of the options for that particular coil. The coils comes in sets of two, and they have a couple of variety packs also. Pricing starts at $19.99 CAD/ $15.17 USD and they ship for free.

Alien Clapton: $24.99CAD/ $18.96US
"The intricate design of the Alien coil gives it unique wicking properties making it the most sought-after coil even with the introduction of new coil designs. Available in a range of resistances to suit any vape style"

I absolutely love these coils. I was sent these in both stainless steel and regular and both are excellent flavor producers. They have a big variety of choices to choose from on the site, so be sure to check them out.

Staggered Framed Staples$24.99 CAD/$18.96US
"Popular among the serious vape crowd, this lower Ohm coil is a flavour beast. If you take a look at the level of intricacy and deep pockets, you can see why- this coil holds a lot of juice. Clouds, bro? All day. If you’re #teamsinglecoil, you’ll want to check these out." 

I have to say that these are my favorites out of all of the ones I was sent. First of all, it's just a gorgeous coil. It's also a bigger coil that will fit nicely into some of the larger RDA's.  I love this coil for both flavor chasing and cloud chasing.
These can handle high wattage vaping.

Staggered Fused Clapton:  $19.99CAD/$15.17US
" A sturdy and long-lasting coil, it’s comprised of 2 cores each with a spaced wrap and then fused together with an outer wrap. Available in lower or higher Ohms, once you try these out they’ll be a mainstay in your collection."

These are very nice coils for every day use.  More affordable than some of the other fancier coils they performed just as nicely and produced excellent flavor and vapor production. You can choose from either a 0.18 or 0.33ohms. I recieved the 0.33 ohm coils and they rock.

Fused Clapton: (4 Pack)
"These budget-friendly coils are often the entry point for vapers. Available in Nichrome, Kanthal or a combination of the two with many different variations: lower or higher Ohms, smaller or larger diameter, these can be made to fit pretty near any device. "

These are very affordable coils for the vaper that wants great flavor and vapor production without sending a lot of money. You get four coils in this pack so they should last you a good while, especially if you are a single coil user. They have a large variety of sizes and ohms to choose from to go with just about any kind of RDA or RTA you have. These are also available in SS, which is what I received. I think everyone should have some of these in their collection. The fused claptons are flavor beasts.

Final Thoughts:
I'm very impressed with the quality, workmanship and performance of these coils. I've had comments and questions about the price, but you really do get what you pay for.  I usually use pre-made coils so I've bought and have been sent lots of different coils and the quality has been hit and miss from the large massed produced brands. I have confidence that you wont be getting any coils from Saddlehorse  Blues with broken wires or that are all twisted up like I have from some of the more mainstream manufacturers.  I rather pay a little more and know I'm getting exactly what I paid for than to get a bargain and have to throw some of the coils out because they were damaged or not well-made.

This was just some of the handmade, artisian coils that Saddlehorse Blues offers so be sure to check out their website for more.  If you are looking for quality pre-made "fancy" coils, you should give Saddlehorse Blues a try.  If you take care of these coils they should last you a good while.