Drip Wick: Full Line Review

Today we will be taking a look at the full line of eliquids from Drip Wick, a line of eliquids available from Vape Kult. The Drip Wick Line comes in 120ml glass dropper bottles. Nicotine is available in 0, 1.5, 3 and 6mg. The line is Max VG. Pricing is $29.99.

"Vine Ripened Mixed Berry"

Taking a sniff of this liquid fills my nose with the scent of wild berries. Taking my first puff was pure heaven.  I got a blast of fresh berries on inhale, just like if I had took a bowl of mixed berries and popped a few in my mouth. Exhale is that same lovely mixture of berry flavors. There's strawberry and blueberry in there for sure and I'm getting some other berry flavors too. If you are into berry fruit flavors, I think you should give this one a try. The flavor is very clean and the vapor production is fantastic, you will have plumes of berry scented clouds.

"Fresh peaches folded into thick rich cream"

Temptation wasn't something that I'd normally choose to vape. I don't like peach vapes and I'm sorry to say that Temptation didn't change my mind. I'm a GA native so I know peaches. They make great cobblers, I just haven't found one that makes a great vape.

Of course, this is just my personal taste. You may try and love this flavor.

Sno Cone:
"Juicy grape & wild berries infused with ice"

I didn't care for this flavor at all. The flavors just didn't do anything for me personally. The mixture of the grape and berry flavors tasted weird and the coolness of the vape just didn't seem to come together into a good vape for me. While I don't personally like this flavor you may love it. I do think it might be a good vape for summer.

"Moist shortcake covered in vine ripened strawberries"

Shortcake was my favorite of this line. Inhale brings the dense cake flavor with strawberry on the backend of the inhale. On the exhale, the lovely strawberry flavor is prominate with the cake as a undertone.  It's a lovely strawberry shortcake flavor and if you are a bakery/dessert lover, I think you will enjoy this flavor.

"A juicy kiwi flavor infused with vine ripened strawberry."

I truely wasn't expecting to like this flavor because I usually don't like flavors with kiwi in them, but I have to say this is my second favorite flavor of this line. The kiwi and strawberry flavors come together to make a very lovely flavor combination.  This was one that I couldn't put down.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying this line of eliquids. I found them all to be of great quality, flavorful and great vapor producers.

This line is a great line of e-liquids, for the price I think you can not go wrong trying them. Check them out here.